Our products cover a wide range of applications and environments stopping corrosion in its tracks

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Corrosion Zero is a synthetic lubricant that contains corrosion preventative compounds.

Firearms and Ammunition

For firearms prior to application, cover the grip/stock and apply Corrosion Zero to all metal parts.

Apply it to the clip; spray it into the chamber and into the barrel. Turn the firearm over and spray (apply) into the weapon through the trigger area. The next step is to take a clean cotton cloth and wipe it all down. Wiping down the weapon will remove any excess lubricant but an ultra-thin film of Corrosion Zero will remain for protection.

Protect ammunition by spraying or dipping prior to storage. Corrosion Zero is extremely effective at high temperatures and in high humidity environments.

Wood Working

Corrosion Zero is especially efficient when it comes to metal tools. Tools are often bumped, scratched, dropped and mishandled in numerous ways. Most products will re-rust in these areas because the product used is dry. Corrosion Zero is an ultra-thin film that remains flexible even when wiped down. Thus the area affected will self-fill, preventing future problems.


Over time, batteries will start to leak and Sulfuric Acid will cause the connections to corrode.

This can be prevented by brushing on Super Corrosion Battery Pro. This product comes in a 4oz can with a brush to make the application easy with no cleanup required.


There are many applications for the marine industry. Anyone who has tried to remove an old bolt or screw from a boat will love what occurs when that same bolt or screw is pretreated prior to placement. The anti-corrosion lubricant in Corrosion Zero will make future removal a breeze.

Testimony from fisherman show that trolling motors sprayed under the hood prior to salt water use will not corrode. Components that used to be replaced every few months are now lasting indefinitely. Recreational boaters have been using Corrosion Zero on their boat trailers with exceptional long lasting results. Clients have told us that spraying the antennas prevent replacement.


The cooling coils as well as all internal components can be treated with Corrosion Zero.

New cabinets should be sprayed with Corrosion Zero. Cabinets that have already started to rust should be treated with Quik Tann III to terminate prior to painting and spraying with Corrosion Zero.

Internal circuit boards can be sprayed or dipped prior to installation or replacement.


Treating fasteners prior to storage will prevent rust/corrosion. For large quantities, dipping would be more efficient. Corrosion Zero should be used on all of the following fastener types:

Screws, bolts, nuts, nails, pins, anchors, camps, clips, latches, clasp, hooks, grommets, mollys, bits, blades and more.

The flexibility of Corrosion Zero will protect product when stored together or dropped on concrete floors. The product will re-fill where the fastener are nicked or scratched.

Golf Carts

There are actually two products that are used on Golf Carts. For the batteries brush Super Corrosion Battery Pro on the terminals. On the components, undercarriage and wheels use Corrosion Zero in the spray format.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment in construction and manufacturing that are exposed to environments such as rain or salt suffer extensive rust. New equipment can be treated with Corrosion Zero. Equipment that is being repaired and/or serviced can stop decay by using Quik Tann III and then Corrosion Zero. For contacts, controls, hinges etc. use Corrosion Zero only.

Classic Cars/RVs/Motor Homes

Corrosion Zero and Quik Tann III are the perfect combination when you’re rebuilding/restoring classic cars or preventing problems on your RVs or motor homes.

Use the product on the under carriage by brushing, scraping or blowing off loose rust.

Treat with Quik Tann III Spray; a Milwaukee Sure Shot works great for an area this large.

(Remember that Corrosion Zero works on iron oxide, not the metal itself). Once this is done paint with a black spray paint and complete job by spraying on the Corrosion Zero.

Use Corrosion Zero in the door jams and Hinges.. Great for the brackets that hold up the mufflers etc. Use Quik Tann III on floor boards that still have a solid metal base.

Conveyors exposed to harsh environments

Conveyors exposed to outside environments such as concrete/ gravel plants, etc. have braces and exposed controls that require a corrosion preventative. For braces already in bad shape spray first with Quik Tann III before applying Corrosion Zero.

Motorcycles and Bicycles

Corrosion Zero is great for the chain and sprockets. Not only is Corrosion Zero an anti-corrosion product but is also a great lubricant. Check out the video of the motor still running under water on this website.

Storage Tanks

Metal tanks that spend their time outside, especially in the northern states rust. Corrosion Zero prevents this from happening. Depending on the size of the tank, either use the aerosol can or the Sure Shot from Milwaukee. You have the option of brushing it on as well but it will be time consuming.

Garden Equipment

Garden Equipment such as wheel barrels and carts tend to fill with water when left outside. If treated with Corrosion Zero and then wiped down, even standing water will not cause rust. Good for sheers, tree trimmers, rakes, etc.

Warehouse and Outside Fans

Prior to hanging your fans in an outside environment, pretreat with Corrosion Zero. Spray all metal parts.

Steel Roof Decking

Steel roof decking will eventually rust. Pretreat with Corrosion Zero when roof is cool to warm. If you can’t lay your hand and keep it on the metal it is too hot to treat. Best to use a large sprayer for a project this size. A Milwaukee Sure Shot or equivalent will work best.

Metal Pipe

Extend the life of exposed metal pipes by spraying or brushing on Corrosion Zero. Pipes that are going to be placed underground can be sprayed, brushed or dipped.

Radar Units

Extends the life of the electronic parts and eliminates condensed moisture/ humid air from affecting the radar antennas and components

Computers and IT Equipment

Treat all internal parts including circuit boards and connectors to extend life and prevent corrosion.

Corrosion Zero is effective on a large range of materials found in computers from aluminum-based alloys to copper contacts electroplated with nickel or even gold that is used for improved resistance.


Spray the breakers and internal components, then spray box itself to prevent rust from rain, humidity etc. As a flexible product, Corrosion Zero will fill in the nicks and scratches caused by technicians and outside forces.

Telecom Equipment

Use Corrosion Zero on all electrical switchgear, spindle motors and disk drives. Also effective on housing boxes.

Trains & Maintenance Equipment

Locomotives and their cars see an environment that can reach temperatures of -40 F to +120 F and all ranges of dryness, rain, snow, humidity, with acid, salt, metal, and other contaminants along with being subjected to high vibration and g-forces. Corrosion Zero has been used on coupler pins and lugs to prevent corrosion and failures. Great for all electronic and electrical components. Excellent lubrication.

Tool Boxes

Every contractor that works outside has had his or her tool box rust. Spray your tool box and wipe it down with Corrosion Zero. Don’t worry, the product is still there and flexible.


Large and small generators have problems with interiors and exteriors corroding. Corrosion Zero can be sprayed on all metal parts inside and out to prevent deterioration.

Amusement Parks

Amusement park rides are constantly exposed to environmental contaminants. The controls, instruments, circuit boards all suffer from exposure. Even metal interior hubs and wheel mechanisms will have their life extended with Corrosion Zero.