Decrease or eliminate downtime due to corrosion

Our products are specifically engineered to keep your work force operational and decrease downtime due to corrosion

Complete Control Over Corrosion

Corrosion Protection & Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of anti-corrosion and lubrication products in the world. The first priority for the chemists and engineers formally working with military products was to increase the concentration of anti-corrosive properties yet slow the evaporation rate when dipping and brushing.


Quick Tann III

Easily converts rust to a primed, paintable surface in 2-4 hours.  Environmentally friendly  - won't weaken the metal or irritate the skin.  It's finished working when the areas of rust turn black. Unlike competing products with high acid contents, Quik Tann stops working when the Iron Oxide is inert, the metal remains unaffected.  Don't worry about overspray, won't harm fiberglass, rubber or painted surfaces.  So safe, does not require protective clothing.


Battery Pro

Battery Pro works by creating a protective anti-corrosion thin coating that acts as barrier on the terminal and connectors to prevent the chemical reaction with other materials.  Unlike the grease solutions often used today, Battery Pro does not absorb moisture. 

  • Maximizes battery performance by protecting connections from current- limiting corrosion.
  • Increases life expectancy of connectors and battery leads
  • Reliable battery performance even in extreme weather conditions
4 oz can - enough to treat 35 batteries!


Corrosion Zero

Corrosion Zero is a special corrosion preventative compound, an ultra thin hydrophobic film formulated without sulfates, chlorides, or halogens, that is unexcelled in preventing deterioration and contamination of all surfaces of electronic equipment and mechanical close-tolerance components.

This corrosion inhibitor contains extremely long-lasting, specially formulated and proprietary anti-corrosive inhibitors that provide a superior lubrication coefficient.

Unlike rigid coatings, the Corrosion Zero film remains flexible and will not crack when the treated material is subject to vibration and/or thermal expansion or contraction. It is the flexibility of the film that makes Corrosion Zero extremely effective against fretting corrosion. Also, because the film is not rigid, the film tends to be "self healing" and will fill scratches that are caused by the mating and/or unmating of close tolerance parts.


LektroTech - S

This new 5th generation product uses the most recent and innovative of these compounds to provide the most superior product on the market. The combination of ingredients provides protection against moisture, chlorides, acid vapor and other environmental contaminates over the range of types of corrosion.

It uses Nano sized particles of PTFE that are deposited into very small mechanical close-tolerance voids while providing a low coefficient of friction lubrication for sliding parts. It dries on contact leaving a dry, no odor thin film of protection. Lektrotech-Tech S cannot be washed off with water, has a wide temperature service range and can be applied without special equipment or instruction.